One of the incidental characters mentioned inĀ American Holocaust is Elisabeth Nietzsche. In real life, she was the anti-Semitic sister of Friedrich Neitzsche, the famed German philosopher. According to Ben Macintyre’s book, ForgottenĀ Fatherland, in 1886, Bernhard Forster and his wife Elisabeth arrived in Paraguay with a boatload of German peasants. They planned to create a pure Aryan settlement in the jungle, Nueva Germania. It failed, Berhard committed suicide, Elisabeth returned to Germany and died in 1935. At her funeral, tears flowed from the eyes of one of the attendees, Adolf Hitler.

Josef Mengele was a German SS officer and physician in Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II and a war criminal. He escaped after the war to South America and was seen in Nueva Germania. While American Holocaust is about current times, it draws upon history for motives of some characters.

Another incidental character was Virginia. The character is based upon a tour-guide, translator, and English teacher who lives in Buenos Aires. To the best of my knowledge, she is not a criminal and does not provide forged passports. The professor depicted in the book is one of Virginia’s friends at the University, doesn’t speak a word of English and doesn’t work as a bar-tender when not teaching. Fiction is basically lies. The best lies have a bit of truth.

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