Paul D. O’Neill was born in Boston, attended Northeastern University, and spent his early years in the U.S. Air Force where his love of books emerged. He wrote only for his own amusement when not on duty. Upon leaving the Air Force, he needed to support himself and then a family. He launched his career in the hi-tech world, first as a computer programmer, and progressed to serve as a plant manager, Chief Operating Officer, and CEO of companies manufacturing computer products, home automation, and nanotechnology products for HDTV and telecom. Along the way, he engaged with such notables as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and other pioneers in the computer industry. He never lost his interest in writing; however, most of his writing was for business plans, instructional papers, and other technical treatises.
His love of books never ceased, and he was driven to launch a new endeavor as a writer. He admired the books of Robert Ludlum (the Jason Bourne series), and the science fiction of Michael Crichton (Jurassic Park and Prey.) He used the writing style of Ludlum, with the techno-thriller story telling of Crichton as inspiration for his novels.
He joined a local writers group, and a critique workshop group. He discovered some of the other members were struggling with formatting their manuscripts, so he volunteered to create an add-on to Microsoft Word to help with formatting. Soon after, he founded a software company (see where he offered a toolbox suite of software to aid writers in formatting a manuscript, checking grammatical style, to converting to Kindle, and Print on Demand.
He has published several nonfiction books about software, and has two thriller-mystery novels about to be released, American Holocaust and The Pericles Solution.

Other Endeavors

Software for Authors

A toolbox for authors to create, edit, market manuscripts for traditional or self-publishing

Software for Students

Software for students preparing papers in APA or MLA.

Self-Publication Services for Authors

Services to guide the self-published author from conversion to marketing.