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American Holocaust: a Mystery-Thriller novel.
The government is accused of putting a pathogen in food supply that causes miscarriages for non-white parents and puts the country on verge of a race war.

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History has taught us that a man with a vision can bring havoc to the world. In 1933, such a man rose to power in the Third Reich of Germany. Today, descendants of his followers look to fulfill his vision.

Our story starts at a wedding. Blood and death. A miscarriage. Debra Milano, an FDA official, and Jason Williams, the world’s richest hi-tech private investigator, race to find the cause of the massive increase in miscarriages. The CDC suspects a bio-engineered pathogen in the food supply. When others investigating get close, they’re found murdered in a bizarre way. Soon, the public realizes that most miscarriages are from non-white parents. Race-baiters accuse the government of hi-tech ethnic cleansing, and Debra of being a white supremacist. Riots ensue. Anarchy threatens.

Debra and Jason are scapegoated and escape by fleeing to South America, where they investigate a clue from the bizarre murders. They must do everything to overcome moles in the U.S. government, betrayal by allies, and politicians looking to divert blame. They must find the man with the bizarre world vision, avert a race war, and get the cure to save the babies. They must stop the Nietzsche Plague and forestall the American Holocaust.

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